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Founded in 1998 by Shipbuilding Industry executives, Enaval Engeharia performs shipbuilding, offshore engineering, upgrades, repairing, assembling and electromechanical services, always committed to the environment care and to the safety and health of our employees, customers and communities in which we operate, while we keep the ethical standards and compliance with law. Enaval Engenharia provides high skilled professionals with 25 years of shipbuilding, offshore and electromchanical assembling services experience.

Mission & Values


Focus on Enaval’s growth and spread, by adapting to market’s changes with distinctive engineering solutions that add value to the Customer. We always operate with ethic and expertise in Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility to fulfill our Shareholders, Employees and Customers needs.

Hardworking, devotion, creativity, efficiency and effectiveness to always pursuit the best results to reach a solid foundation at the Company’s operations, while sustaining the required funds to Enaval’s growth and development.

Do the right thing since the beginning will always be our work, behaviour, procedures, and goods and services quality pattern prime pillar, regarding the applicable law.

We have commitment to all business directives, in the fulfillment of established goals and objectives, and of the demands of internal and external customers.

Fulfill the commitments agreed with the customers and partners as well as the internal commitments of the organization, acting with professionalism and transparency, always aiming to keep the confidence of the market and of our employees and relatives in our institution.

Customized service to each customer, by monitoring their degree of satisfaction, aiming to improve our results and bigger market slice.


ENAVAL’S INSTITUTIONAL VALUES stablish our ways of acting with our customers, partners, goods and services suppliers, employees and anyone else that takes part in our projects, as well as in the Society. ENAVAL’S management is based on ethical principles stablished in our CODE OF ETHICS and on the following INSTITUTIONAL VALUES.

Effective taking part of all employees in the fulfillment of this policy. We care about the professional development of each, the teamwork, the appropriate workplace, and the recognition to those who stand out. Each employee must behave as the COMPANY OWNER.

Healthy growth and continuous improvement through investments in material and human resources that allow us to be competitive in the market with the best quality, safety, health, environmental care and proper Integrated Management System (IMS).

Preservation and protection of the physical integrity of our employees, customers and all those who work in our facilities and projects, through the identification and control of risks and impacts, as well as compliance with applicable law.

Carry our business and projects out, through the identification of environmental aspects and control of risks and impacts, stablishing practices and procedures, in order to collaborate for the preservation of our facilities and of the environment and planet.

Perform all our businesses, aiming a better Brazil with more equity and opportunities.

Qualifications | Our quality

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

  • CRC
  • ONIP

Services | Diversify and innovate

  • Process Modules
    Manufacturing and assembling of modules, skid and module
    units for platforms, oil refineries and petrochemical industries.

  • Living Quarters & Accommodations
    Manufacturing, assembling and maintenance of the
    accommodations for platforms and vessels.

  • Onshore Services
    EPCIC, Shutdown Services, Upgrades, Maintenance,
    Repairs and Overhaul.

  • Offshore Services
    EPCIC, Upgrades, Repairs and Maintenance.

  • Consultancy
    Ministry of Labour Regulatory Standards (NR) consultancy or
    renovation of projects

Customers | Guaranteed satisfaction

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Adress: R. Miguel de Lemos, 87 – Ponta D’areia – Niterói – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil. Zip code 24040-260
Mail: enaval@enaval.com.br
Phone: +55 21 2233-8536